What Would Mad Men’s Joan Holloway Buy in Canton?

The enduring appeal of ‘60s styles

Alas, no more Mad Men on Sunday nights. However, the appeal of the apparel worn — especially by the ultra feminine, strong willed, Office Manager/Partner, Joan Holloway — endures.

From fashion runways, to the growing vintage industry, clothes and accessories that emphasize the female physique and mystique are everywhere.

About Town recently visited three local, vintage clothing and accessory experts, to ask the question, ‘what would Joan do?’

–Classics Never go Away

Samantha Arrasate at Flea Circus believes the secret to the ongoing popularity of 1960’s fashion, across generations, is that this era produced classic styles that are still relevant.

“You can wear a classic piece, with some statement accessory pieces – less is more – and you look timeless. Think Jackie Kennedy. Some eras produce temporary styles, like bell-bottoms! They may come back, but not for long. I have a dress that my grandmother wore; then my mother; then myself; and now my sister, who is seven years younger than me. And, that dress still looks relevant on each one of us. It still looks timely and timeless.”

Pink House Consignments – Simple Elegance & Fun

Gloria Mogilewsky at Pink House Consignments believes that part of the 1960s appeal, in general, is that the baby boomer generation is looking back and they like what they see.

“All eras repeat. The thing about the 1960’s is the fun of the colors and the styles with the simple elegance. And, the kids of boomers want to be part of the 1960’s repeat. This younger generation likes value. They like recycling. They don’t mind reusing items like clothing.”

Queen Anne Antiques – Be Your Own Individual Stylist

April Gallicchio at Queen Anne Antiques advised those who want to channel their inner-Joan to tap into their own creative individuality when purchasing accessories from the 1960’s to punctuate an outfit.

“Joan is a crazy lady, who knows what she wants and goes after whatever her heart desires!”

Here’s the Deal

Flea Circus — 101 Main Street, Collinsville; 860-693-6375.

Pink House Consignments — 164 Albany Turnpike, Route 44, Canton; 860-693-3933.

Queen Anne Antiques —163 Albany Turnpike, Rout 44, Canton; 860-847-2094.


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