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Better to let others describe you, I've found. The Hartford Courant once said of me, "He has been nose to nose with a Cape buffalo. He has roamed the back alleys of Bangkok and Singapore. Interviewed Masai warriors and Iranian herdsmen and tracked smuggling operations in Southeast Asia. Since starting out writing local stories in New York and New Jersey a half century ago I have, as the newspaper noted, "chased information from the heights of the Andes Mountains to the depths of the Red Sea." And now I am back writing local stories again, this time in an area that has been my home for more than half my life. Now I can write about the bear up the road or the wonders of my backyard pond, the scene of wildlife spectacles that, in their own right, rival those of the Serengeti. It's a neat opportunity.
I graduated from the University of Notre Dame, were I was a three-time boxing champion and voted boxer of the year. My graduate work was as a Sloan-Rockefeller Advanced Science Writing Fellow at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. I am a UCONN-certified master gardener. I also served in the United States Army Reserve and United States Marine Corps Reserve. My roots here have grown deep. Way back when, I drove the ambulance and served on boards for the library and the Killingworth Land Conservation Trust. Today, I serve on Killingworth's traffic safety commission. For many years, I have been secretary of the Madison Rod & Gun Club, which contrary to its name, has been in Killingworth since the 1960s. I've coached HK youth football and ran a boxing program at the Killingworth Elementary School. I am co-president of Green Hill Martial Arts, Inc., on Green Hill Road. We teach combat hapkido, no-nonsence self defense, and jun fan gung fu jeet kune do, the powerful form of martial arts developed by the late Bruce Lee. Classes are for children and adults. As a senior, I welcome other seniors. Private lessons and self-defense seminars are available. See our web site at www.greenhillmartialarts.org. Please stop by and say hello to me at the school or, in season, at my Wannabe Farm vegetable stand on Roast Meat Hill Road. Be sure to check out Ed's weekly column, Outdoors with Ed Ricciuti, which is featured on Patch on Thursdays. Ed covers nature, conservation, fishing, hunting and more. He is available for lectures and writing lessons. Ed is also an accomplished book author. For more information on his works, visit www.edwardricciuti.com.
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