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Collinsville Station: Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department
51 River Rd, Collinsville, CT 06019
Dating back to 1966, the Collinsville Fire Department was essentially an extension of the fire service started by theMore Collins Company in the late 1800s. When the factory closed, Collinsville residents recognized the need to continue protecting the village. Today the station is part of the Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department. Located at the station are Engine 3, Engine 4, Marine 1 and Rescue 9. In addition to the fire equipment, the department serves as the central location for the entire Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department and houses the EMS Corps. The Canton Memorial Ambulance Corps also has its roots in the Collins Co. Started by factory employees in 1950, it merged with the company's fire department in 1963. The Collinsville Fire Department holds an annual jamboree at a field near the Farmington River. The jamboree helps fund equipment and maintenance at the field, which was donated to the department. The field and the pond located on it, are also used for training.
North Canton Volunteer Fire Association: Town of Canton Voluntee
540 Cherry Brook Rd, Canton, CT 06019

Responding to the unique needs and relative remoteness of North Canton, residents in the area founded their own fireMore department in 1944. Today, the station houses Engine 6 and Tanker 7 carry a combined 4,000 gallons of water in an area that can prevent firefighting challenges due to lack of hydrants and the presence of many wooded areas.

Although part of the town's volunteer fire and EMS department, North Canton, like other stations, retains a certain amount of independence, being responsible for the building and payment of its own station. Circa 2006, the association built a new fire station designed to carry existing apparatus, allow room for growth and fit in with the area's architecture.

The department raises funds in a variety of ways, the most notable being its well-recognized The Little Red Phone Book™, published in conjunction with the Canton Lions Club.

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