Weekend Show to Benefit Institute for the Blind

Despite her own struggles, local woman looks to ‘spread the love.'

Although she’s battled a blindness disorder for more than 20 years, Amla Mehta is looking to help others this weekend.

She and others have organized a Spread the Love Talent Show Sunday afternoon to benefit the Institute for the Blind. 

Mehta said it was on Valentine’s Day in 1990 when she was diagnosed with “Gyrate Atrophy,” a rare genetic disorder that results in blindness.

But despite her struggles she has spent time motivating others to be positive, live their lives and be kind to each other, despite personal struggles.

“The heart never lies, therefore the spirit never dies,” she said. “Spread the love and share your authenticity despite any adversity.”

Mehta, manager at Imports of India, is also a motivational speaker, and will sing and speak at the event. It will also feature a poet, hand drummer, an acoustic guitarist and vibrational healing.

In addition the $25 admission will include one raffle ticket with prizes that include gift certificates to the , , and  and more. Additional tickets will also be available.

She said the community has been very supportive in helping her with the event. 

"It's amazing that this event took off on its own," she said. 

The show will take place at the Town Hall Auditorium from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday Feb. 12.


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