Bagwell Misses Out (Again) on Hall of Fame Vote

Killingworth native is Houston Astros all-time home run and RBIs leader, but only received 56 percent of the vote.

By Dan Graziano

No, I didn't vote for Jeff Bagwell for the Hall of Fame. Yes, it's for the reason everybody loves to hate. I don't know for sure that Bagwell took steroids or any other performance-enhancing drugs to help him attain his Hall of Fame-caliber numbers. I don't have evidence, like we do against Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro. But I'm suspicious. And this year, that suspicion was enough to make me send back my ballot without the Bagwell box checked. I'd rather withhold the vote based on suspicion than vote the guy in only to find out later that he cheated and I shouldn't have.

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Philip R. Devlin January 11, 2012 at 12:20 AM
Graziano's holier-than-thou attitude is irritating. All would-be hall of famers have to wait 5 years after retiring before their names are submitted to a screening committee. That's 5 years of vetting and no evidence of drug abuse. Then the screening committee put his name on the ballot. Last year he got over 41% of the votes--a solid showing. Another year of vetting has passed. Still no evidence; in fact, 15% more writers decided to vote for him this year.There is a mechanism for removing people from the HOF should later evidence warrant it . In 1999 Bagwell was honored by Xavier HS for his character and generosity. Later, the University of Hartford put him in its HOF. What we do know is that he conducted himself with class when he played ball. He was one of the best all-around MLB ball- players in the last 50 years. McGwire, Clemens, Palmeiro, Bonds et al all have solid, damning evidence that can and should bar their entry. Despite all the probing over the last 6 years since his retirement, no one can point to any solid evidence to bar Jeff Bagwell from the HOF. We're left with self-appointed moral arbiters with "suspicions" like Graziano. Six years have passed;the probing journalists have only their "suspicions." How long will the suspicions linger? When does it become unfair? Enough time has passed for a thorough vetting. It's time for people like Graziano to get off their high horses, drop the holier-than-thou routine, and elect this guy to the Hall--he deserves it.


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