PHOTOS: The New Waterford High School

A photo tour of the new addition to the high school, which is nearly complete.

Tuesday, Patch took a tour of the new addition to Waterford High School, which is part of the school’s $68 million renovation. Students are expected to move into the new addition after April break, which is the first week of April.

Some highlights:

-The field house has been painted and two giant LCD projectors were installed. There are also cameras in the field house that would allow the school to play sporting events live on public access television, according to Assistant Superintendent Craig Powers.

-The auditorium has been revamped. There is a new sound system, new drapery, new rigging, a new catwalk and new lights, according to School Building Committee Chairman Alan Wilensky. The Waterford High School auditorium holds more than 1,100 people, which is more than New London’s Garde Arts Center, Powers said.

-The cafeteria will have a serpentine counter run down the middle of it, according to Powers. There also will be outdoor seating just outside the cafeteria, he said.

-The first floor holds the main office, the media center and technology education classrooms. The media center will be 5,000 square feet. For more information about the media center, click here.

-The second floor will hold the English and social study classes, Principal Don Macrino said. The third floor will hold the science and math classes, Macrino said.

-There will be a television studio on the first floor that rivals the television studio Metrocast in Waterford has, Powers said. Morning announcements will be done from there, he said.

-There will be three entrances to the school, Powers said. Visiters will have to be buzzed in at all three entrances, much like the town’s other four schools, he said.

-Once students move into the new addition, the old wing will be closed off, Project Manager Gus Kotait said. Kotait said that will allow workers to abate the old building, before eventually demolishing it.

Daniella Ruiz February 13, 2013 at 11:22 PM
Appears very well done. will the floors buckle soon? will the roof start to bead water? whats the R factor for the exterior walls? is there a backup generator for emergency's? is the media room soundproofed to prevent leaks of vital secrets prior to public release? is there a backup heat/cool system? is the HVAC equipped with toxic/illegal odor sensors? is the WPD fully prepared for entry in unusual circumstances? does the field house floor sound hollow? oh jee, i wish the average taxpaying citizen could have a tour of what we (partly) paid for. we didn't even get a chance to tour the last major 'renovation' of the original school way back when. who sign's off on each phase to ensure the workmanship is proper and adequate? whats the electric/water/sewer/fuel bill / use for this estimated at? any clue? do the security gates the students pass through work properly? can the students movements be monitored in real time? did they test the sprinkler system yet? (not for pressure/leaks, but if it will actually work) love these pix, love the patch, paul p you give so much to this town with this great venue.
fedspy February 14, 2013 at 04:01 PM
dont worry, there is a backup system in place already for anything that goes wrong in waterford, and for that matter, any city or town in ct., the local taypayer, and if that fails, the state taxpayer.
Daniella Ruiz February 14, 2013 at 04:06 PM
most reassuring indeed!
Jenelle February 14, 2013 at 05:11 PM
A recording studio? Sounds like a bit much.
Robert Harris Wade Sr. (Bob) February 16, 2013 at 08:55 PM
What happened to the original Logo of the lancer on the horse? Bob Wade


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