Canton School District’s Music Chair Recognized by School Band and Orchestra Publication

Thomas Scavone named one of '50 Directors Who Make a Difference.’

Tom Scavone, music department chair for the Canton Public School system has been named by School Band and Orchestra as one of '50 Directors Who Make a Difference.' 

See the report and what Scavone had to say here

N. Jon I. Twist January 02, 2013 at 05:59 PM
Tom Scavone is a one of a kind gem in our community. If he asked the band members to play standing on their heads, they would try. The High School concerts are professional quality, listening you have to remind yourself that they are just kids. And knowing a few of them, they will tell you that they were not happy, as this was wrong and that was wrong, they DO strive for perfection. Many of Tom’s music students go on to college and on of the first things they do is try out for the college band. The Concerts need more publicity (HINT PATCH) and maybe need to be more than one (1) night, so more of the community could enjoy.
kim hathaway January 05, 2013 at 11:48 PM
I believe that Tom Scavone was one of the most important people to my son during his junior high and high school years. He was encouraging yet tough, established strong work and ethical requirements for his students, and still was able to help them develop a passion for music. I will always remember him telling me that I should be "glad that your 15 year old can find his way to the bus stop", so understanding was he of adolescents. During the tough teen years when parents are not the favored voice, Tom's was a voice that was not only heard, but loved and respected.


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