POLL: How Do You Rate CL&P's Performance So Far?

Is the utility doing enough to communicate with its customers?

After Tropical Storm Irene left almost 800,000 customers in the dark in August, the state held hearings on the utility's performance and asked it to improve its communications with towns and residents, some of whom waited more than a week to have power restored.

Two short months later, even more customers are without power from a freak October snowstorm, and the damage is far more extensive and labor-intensive to fix.

Has the utility learned anything from Irene? Is it bringing in enough resources and communicating effectively with town leaders? Tell us what you think.

Kirsten Hollard November 01, 2011 at 09:27 AM
Performance is SO bad, you've gotta think CL&P management is being shielded by the government, like the government is prolonging these disaster events to test the system for weak points in the event of a terrorist or alien attack or something. Or, practically speaking, the union pigs just swung a contract benefit that they don't have to go out in bad weather anymore and they don't want to expose it. Either way, there's something unsaid about all this, even by the media; something's going on.
Scott November 01, 2011 at 06:12 PM
Not good. No one was out Sunday. They did not want to pay the triple time rate. Very sad !!!


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