Town Replaces Broken Guide Rail on Lower Portion of Torrington Avenue

Two vehicles recently veered off roadway on Canton street.

A contractor has replaced the broken Guide Rail on the lower portion of Torrington Avenue, where two vehicles recently drove off the roadway and nearly landed in the Farmington River. 

The post and wire railing on the road near its intersection with Bridge Street has been replaced with approximately 275 feet of galvanized steel Flex-Beam railing. Used on the section was an "antiqued" version of the product, made to look more rustic.

"It will reflect the historic area quite nicely," Public Works Director Robert Martin said prior to the installation.

But in addition to the look, the system will also provide better protection, officials said. While the  Guide Rail, often called Guard Rail, is made to provide some give and won't stop all vehicles, the idea is for it to help "guide" errant vehicles back on the roadway. 

Recently two vehicles have veered off the roadway. Most recently on Nov. 11  an elderly couple was sent to the hospital when their car went over the steep embankment. A few weeks earlier a single driver careened off the roadway in the early morning hours. Police are investigating both accidents. 

The rail replacement was done by Connecticut-based A&M Fence Company and cost approximately $5,300 but the town will bill the drivers' insurance companies, Chief Administrative Officer Robert Skinner said.

In addition to the rail on Torrington Avenue, approximately 375 feet of Flex-Beam, in a more traditional silver color, was used to replace wooden railing on Collins Road. 

This past year, the town spent $19,000 in guide-rail replacement and will do more over the next two years, Martin said. The Torrington Avenue section would have eventually been up for replacement but the accidents necessitated quicker action, Martin said. 

John November 26, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Why does the color honestly matter to anyone?? As long as it keeps people from driving over the embankment and keeps people safe is all that should matter...
Wyatt November 26, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Some people like their community to look nice. Though I understand that this discussion may be pointless - I agree that worrying about a guardrail in a poorly kept up neighborhood like the bottom of Torrington Ave sounds silly. The road is falling apart, properties are a mess and the entire neighborhood is a dump. The color of a guardrail isn't going to help much.
scott November 27, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Dump? I'd say it's more like character, one of the many reasons I enjoy living in the area!
Steven November 27, 2012 at 03:06 AM
I love this town the people and the comment section of the patch. Lived in collinsville for 28 years. Wish I lived in town still, but do pay taxes as a business owner in canton. The area is far from a "dump". It's history in homes that were never meant to be mc mansions. Yes they did a good job with the new guard rails. Why they didn't fix the ones on Collins road in the 70's is beyond me. They should of carried the design for the whole area. But as the article stated the town billed the two car owners insurance companies. I'm sure they wouldn't of started this project in orevoked
Chivas Sandage November 27, 2012 at 02:50 PM
From one community member to another, I find it hard to fathom a simple-minded and classist comment like Wyatt's: "...the entire neighborhood is a dump." I live in and care about this neighborhood--this "dump." Thanks, Wyatt, for one more reason to avoid spending precious time reading about or discussing local issues at this venue.


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