Ammunition-Control Legislation Introduced in Connecticut General Assembly

In the wake of the Newtown shootings, the first of what are likely to be numerous gun-related measures was introduced this week in the state legislature by a New Haven lawmaker.

State Sen. Martin Looney, D-New Haven, has introduced a measure to the Connecticut legislature that would make it illegal for anyone barred from owning a gun to own ammunition.

Looney, the state Senate's majority leader, told the New Haven Independent that such a prohibition is just common sense.

The state legislature has convened its first session of the new year and Looney's proposal is likely to be one of several filed by lawmakers in the wake of the Dec. 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown that killed 20 young students and six women.

Other state and federal lawmakers have called for stricter gun controls following the Newtown shootings, though Looney's is the first formally proposed in Connecticut, the Independent reports.

His proposal would prohibit anyone convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor or those under a restraining or protective order from buying bullets, the website states.

The idea is already being criticized by the leader of one gun-advocacy group in the state. Rich Burgess of Connecticut Carry told the Independent that Looney's proposal is politically motivated and "has nothing to do with stopping these kinds of madmen from committing heinous acts.”

Proud Democrat January 05, 2013 at 03:48 PM
Let's face it. The only way to ensure criminals don't get access to guns or ammo is to remove the guns and ammo from circulation. All these measures are just small incremental steps to that goal. What the party needs to do is step up to the plate and introduce an ammendment to the Constitution that eliminates the second ammendment and makes all firearms and ammo illegal. If you want to go hunting, use a knife! As far as protection goes, put cameras and listening devices in strategic places so the police can ward off the crimes before they are committed. If you want total peace and security you can have it provided by the government. Once we get a single party in control of the house, senate, executive and judicuary it will happen. We are almost there.Who better to tell you what medical plan you need, where to live, where to work, what to eat, what to own, than the government and if you disagree there will be proffesionals to help understand this is a better way to live.. Don't think it is going to happen..just wait.
MAC January 05, 2013 at 06:42 PM
Dems' ideas and laws on gun control are NOT the answer! Who do you BLAME in Chicago for all the gun violence (not to mention the government incompetence, corruption and insurmountable DEBT)?? Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago? Body count: In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago. 221 killed in Iraq AND ^^^ Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire US. ^^^ ^^ The leadership in Illinois - all Democrats. ^^ President: Barack Hussein Obama Senator: Dick Durbin House Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr. Governor: Pat Quinn House leader: Mike Madigan Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike) Mayor: Rahm Emanuel Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago. Of course, they're all blaming each other. Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any! Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country. Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any! State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, worst in country. Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any! Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax 10.25% highest in country. Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any! This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois. And he, and Malloy, are going to 'fix' "gun violence," and politics for us???
Tax Man January 06, 2013 at 03:09 AM
This is once again a waste of time as the Federal law already prohibits Felons from possessing ammunition.....18 U.S.C. § 922(g). and is punishable with a fine up to 250,000 and 10 years in jail.
Paul Chotkowski January 06, 2013 at 07:08 PM
Well pigs have flown & at last State Sen. Martin Looney, D-New Haven appears to be receiving the treatment he so evidently requires for his Low T [now if he would only seek treatment for his Hoplophobia]. Unlike the last session of the CGA when one of his Bills "miraculously" appeared before Committee without a corporeal sponsor, this session he had the courage of his misguided convictions to actually man up & put his name on the proposed legislation. Visions of a total ban [oops reasonable limitations] must have a tingle running up his leg [a la Chris Matthews & BHO]. After all this is just a start, once he and his merry band of Redistributionist & Enlightened Progressive / Socialists are done telling me how large a magazine I can have, they can get to work promoting the rest of the UN's Agenda 21 & start telling you how big a house YOU can live in, the type of car YOU can drive, how much food YOU can eat, how many children YOU can have, how much of your money YOU can keep and how long YOU can live! It is not about the size of my magazines, it is about their view of America! Shut Up, Sit Down,& Do What You Are Told by your enlightened betters or else! Clearly those in favor of taking away my rights & property were absent from school the day we read Martin Niemöller’s “First they came…” Ask those who lived under Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ceaușescu, Pol Pot, or Mao Loy when they eventually get around to coming for what you value there will be no one left to speak for you
JC January 07, 2013 at 02:13 AM
Well stated Paul.


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