Swastika and Other Symbols Drawn on West Hartford Street

Symbols were discovered on Farmstead Lane on Wednesday night.

West Hartford Police are currently investigating an incident involving a swastika and other symbols which were spray-painted in the middle of Farmstead Lane at the intersection with Overhill Road.

Police received a complaint at 9:27 p.m. Wednesday night regarding the symbols, which include a large swastika (4' by 6') a 2' by 2' cross, and another symbol, which police say is possibly an Ankh.

The symbols were drawn in the middle of the roadway in front of 47 Farmstead Lane, with a foam-type substance which police say may be spray insulation.

West Hartford Police Officer Raywood, who responded to the scene, was unable to remove the symbols from the roadway and they remained Thursday morning.

According to a report received from West Hartford Police, no witnesses were located in the neighborhood on Wednesday night.

Police discovered Thursday morning that a van on the same street that had also been sprayed with the foam material on the rear and near the opening to the gas tank on the side of the vehicle.

Wednesday night was Halloween, but police said they did not yet know if this was a Halloween prank. Power has not yet been restored to the area following Hurricane Sandy.

Police are continuing their investigation.

Paul Chotkowski November 04, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Defacing a public street in West Hartford with Swastikas [symbol of the German “Nationalsozialismus” movement a.k.a. the NAZI Party - that’s right National Socialism] is a despicable act. It is unlikely that it was just a “Halloween Prank”. It is the inevitable end point of the politics of division & class warfare as practiced by BHO & his Progressive / Socialist wing of the Democrat Party. It is OK to demonize fellow Americans because they are the 1%, Pro Israel, Pro Life, etc. Historically, the Jewish community has been the “canary in the coal mine”. Many major economic, social, & political upheavals / revolutions have been presaged by attacks on the “others” who have been demonized & painted as responsible for “things not being fair”. During their rise to power the Nazis effectively used their 25 Point Program including “The State is to care for the elevating national health” & the demonetization of those not of the “Race” [Isn't that what La Raza translates to but I digress] to explain the failures of [Bush oops I meant] the Weimar Republic. America was built on the motto “E pluribus unum” but today’s Progressives would rather Balkanize our country & set group upon group in the hopes of ruling over the chaos.This may be the Hope & Change you were voting for but remember Elpis never left Pandora’s jar, Santayana’s words were never more true & “Never Again” is more than a JDL slogan! This is what fundamental change looks like!
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