[Update] Portion of Route 179 Closed

Fill around corrugated pipe washed out, state Department of Transportation awaiting contractor's arrival.

Update: The road portion remains closed early Friday morning.

Earlier story:

The state Department of Transportation is at the scene of a washed out portion of Route 179 Thursday evening.

Portions of the roadway near Canton Clay Works have washed out and a private contractor was expected to arrive shortly, said Bart Sweeney, Transportation Maintenance Manager with the bridge section at DOT.

The problem is a damaged corrugated metal pipe through which a stream passes under the road, he said. A part of the pipe had opened up, causing water to flow out and washing the surrounding material away.

Earlier in the day, Police Chief Christopher Arciero said there was very little material supporting the road, making it very dangerous.

"It's one truck or car away from the whole thing collapsing," Arciero said.

He had gone up to talk to the DOT about the issue and shortly after the road was closed and remains so between Morgan and East Mountain Roads.

The DOT had already contracted out the work and the problem predates but was certainly exasperated by Irene and last night's rain, Sweeney said.

"The more water you put through the pipe, the quicker it's going to drain the material out," he said.

Sweeney said his division had been called out to help evaluate the situation and the contractor is familiar with the location, he said.

The biggest challenge will be working with or diverting the stream while replacing the pipe, Sweeney added.

The DOT said they anticipated work could begin tonight.

General Supervisor Tim Hiller said they hoped the work would be done by morning but added that it will depend on many factors.

Corey Lynn Tucker September 08, 2011 at 10:41 PM
thanks for the update! i am glad they are fixing the road ... it was turning into a sink hole! now, just send CT DOT further north to put in a larger culvert under the rt. 179 to handle the constant flooding DOT workers and firemen have said it's not the first time flooding has hit this area and roads and driveways washed away! i've been in touch with the town of canton, the CT DOT and haven't heard a peep. i know they are busy putting out fires, but we have a serious one that is affecting three neighbors just north of north mountain road. the road is also deteriorating and the constant patch jobs are just a band-aid. any assistance the state and town could provide would be greatly appreciated. sincerely, your neighbor.


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