Canton Garage Fire 'Most Likely' Caused by Wood Stove Ashes

Fire Marshal offers some Winter safety tips.

The Dec. 28 garage fire on Gracey Road. Submitted Photo
The Dec. 28 garage fire on Gracey Road. Submitted Photo

A garage fire on Gracey Road Saturday morning was "most likely" caused by improperly discarded wood stove ashes, Canton Fire Marshal Adam Libros said. 

Libros said ashes were placed in plastic bags next to the garage. Last January a fire that destroyed a Freedom Drive home started in a similar way, Libros said.

Libros urges homeowners to put ashes in a metal bucket, with a cover, away from any structures. He also warns that they can ignite a fire long after most people think. 

"Wood stove ashes can smolder for days," Libros said. 

Libros reminds homeowners to follow other winter safety fire tips such as: 

  • Have furnaces and boilers cleaned every year
  • Get chimneys swept at least once a year, more often with heavy use 
  • Make sure there are working batteries in smoke and CO detectors 
  • Replace detectors according to manufacturer's instructions, usually 5 to 10 years. 
  • Fire officials also remind people to make sure their dryer vents are clear of snow and debris
See more tips and take an online quiz at the the National Fire Protection Association Web site

On Gracey Road, quick action by members of the town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS Department and other volunteers helped contain the fire, Libros said. 

"With the quick knock down by the fire department, it eliminated the spread of the fire," Libros said. 

Read more about the fire here.



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