What's On Tonight: Oh Sit!, Haunted Collector, Futurama

TV tips for Wednesday, Aug. 15.

Dirk Langeveld is filling in for Elissa Bass while she is on vacation. She will resume this column on Aug. 28.

Oh Sit!, 8 p.m., CW

“The series premiere of a competition based on musical chairs in which contestants race through obstacle courses to—” OK, no. No. Are they just coming up with punny not-quite-expletives and basing shows around them now? And how the puck do they keep this going through an hour-long runtime?

Haunted Collector, 9 p.m., SyFy

It doesn’t say exactly where, but a Connecticut home is one of two places featured tonight. The other is a Kentucky museum.

Futurama, 10 p.m., Comedy

“The Professor’s parents are unretired from virtual retirement aboard the Near-Death Star and he’s not too thrilled about it.” And I’m nerdy enough to remember that the last person “unretired” from the Near-Death Star had to be done so by a rescue mission, so I’ll be curious to see how this one shakes out.

Aj Bender August 15, 2012 at 03:43 AM
As a kid I loved musical chairs and I love the show Wipeout. From what I’ve read so far it sounds like the two got married and had a baby. I love it already! Whether or not this show will be successful remains to be seen, since it premieres tomorrow night. I’ll be sure to set my new Hopper for the first episode since it’s got 2,000 hours of recording time. Yeah I know, it’s a lot but with new shows coming out every week I’m going to need the space. A Dish co-worker recommended the upgrade to me about two months ago and since then I’ve been one happy camper. I got through the Olympics with no problems. This may just end up being another game show that I want to compete on. I’m working on my Wipeout audition tape as we speak.


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