Patch's Poll: Do You Have an Emergency Storm Plan in Place?

It's unlikely that Tropical Storm Isaac will travel up the East Coast like Hurricane Irene did, but officials are still warning that residents should always be prepared for the worst.

As of Friday, Tropical Storm Isaac is on track to barrel through Haiti and the Dominican Republic, dumping rain on the island of Hispaniola before moving out to the Gulf of Mexico.

After that, the latest reports show the storm may form into a hurricane before hitting landfall in the Mississippi area, the Associated Press reported.

Initially, how it was possible that Isaac could take a turn up the East Coast and head toward New England, much like Hurricane Irene did last year. But given the latest forecasts, it seems that’s not going to happen.

Still, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said it’s always important to have a plan in place should another storm hit.

Given the issues caused by Irene — and the October snowstorm — last year, have you implemented a plan for your family should another storm hit? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

Andrew Ziemba August 25, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Your point is invalid. Your claim that I have "radical" views is silly. Having an unpopular opinion that steps on the right toes is healthy and critical in a free and open society. The fact that you would attempt to belittle me in such a manner as you have shows your true colors. I am nothing more than a patriot in a room full of traitors, and I will not leave this room no matter how often one of you may gleefully mock me for my truthful, blunt statements of fact. Anyway, next time you try to troll a post on patch you should at least be a bit more creative and witty than you were this time...
Paul Bahre August 25, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Have the generator, I have 3 Jerry cans full of gas normally and pray!!!
Paul Chotkowski August 26, 2012 at 07:51 PM
So many people simply refuse to take personal responsibility. It does not matter whether it is disaster preparedness, the bondage of debt, or willingness / ability to think and do for yourselves. They flaunt their perceived / self inflicted “victimhood” as member of whatever PC protected class [not race rather the imposed view of “us” vs “them”] is currently in vogue and ware as a badge of merit the willingness to live off the charity of others [oops should have said receive their rightful “entitlements” as part of the “fundamental transformation of America” required by the “Doctrine of Collective Salvation” and achieved by the implementation of “Social Justice” which demands progressive taxation, income and property redistribution, and government control of the economy in order to ensure that effort /ability is not individually rewarded - go team Obama]. Hurricanes happen, snow happens, ice storms happen, power fails, economic disruptions occurs, reasonable planning for probable risk is a traditional American Value! In other words SELF RELIANCE. The flip side of the self reliance coin - Individual Charity - is also under attack. Sit back and wait, the government will send in FEMA and fly you off the roof of your flooded home or bring power to your dark house! Stop please, be a boy scout be prepared to take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors in need! Tell the PTB “keep moving, nothing needed here, we got our neighbors backs”.
Andrew Ziemba August 27, 2012 at 01:34 AM
unfortunately those who do prepare are technically now placed on "the list" if they have too much of something according to the government. Unfortunately, as shown during Katrina, if you are prepared and want to stay, the government does not care, and will slam down your door, pin you to the wall, search you, confiscate your weapons permanently, and then insist that you come with them to be protected and taken care of.
Paul Chotkowski August 27, 2012 at 10:14 PM
So true Mr. Z , those who prepare are no longer “boy scouts” who have grown up and had families that they are now responsible for supporting and protecting [dummies that’s the government’s job, could that be why so many single moms vote for BHO and the Democrat Party? - I digress]. Those who prepare are called “hate groups”, “wacko” survivalist, “anarchistic” liberty movement / Free States Project supporters or “subversive” Allodial Title proponents by the media or self appointed “monitors” like the Southern Poverty Law Center. Just like in New Orleans [but note not in Joplin MO - the whole Blue State / Red State tyranny / liberty thing again even in a disaster] it is conceivable that the wannabe “Uncle Joe” oops should have said Progressive / Socialist big government we know better than you how to run your life, the Honorable Dannel Patrick Malloy would endorse “emergency anti-hoarding” decrees that confiscate your food, fuel and fire arms - for the common good you understand. What a warped country we have become where self reliance and neighborly charity are declared to be subversive and illegal [individuals feeding the hungry has been outlawed recently in several US cities]! Mr. Bahre you best not publish the fact that your are prepared least you become a target of the official or unofficial collectiveizers / redistributors! Me I plan to rely on the milk of human kindness [but as Lady Macbeth originally intended the sentiment].


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