Letter to the Editor: Setting the Record Straight in the 8th

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To the Voters:

I am very concerned about a very misleading piece of negative literature that you may have received from Dan Seger attacking our State Senator, Kevin Witkos.  Let’s set the record straight.  

First, Kevin has served with distinction as a first responder for nearly three decades, including over 20 years as an officer in the Canton Police Department and 5 years as the chief of the Canton Volunteer Fire Department.  Day in and day out, Kevin was there for us putting his life and limb on the line for our safety and security. 

Second, in his time as a public servant—first on the local Board of Education, then as a State Representative, and now as our State Senator—Kevin has gained a well-earned reputation for representing his constituents with the highest standards of integrity.  Though they may have disagreed with Kevin on the issues, never before has one of Kevin’s opponents had the audacity to challenge his character.

Lastly, before accepting his job with Northeast Utilities, Kevin did the right thing: he went out of his way to first seek a ruling from the Office of State Ethics.  After considering all sides of the issue, the bi-partisan Citizen’s Ethics Advisory Board voted unanimously that Kevin’s employment with NU is consistent with the Code of Ethics and does not conflict with his position as State Senator.  Case closed.

Through his dedication to our community, Kevin Witkos has earned our vote.  With no record of his own to run on, it is disappointing that Dan Seger has resorted to these sorts of last-minute false attacks.  Don’t be fooled.  Please join me in supporting Kevin Witkos on Tuesday so we can return an honest hardworking public servant to the State Senate.

Sean Askham

Simsbury Selectman

Angela November 05, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Well said!
Robert Kalechman November 06, 2012 at 05:20 AM
Most voters in Simsbury the 8th State Senate district seat have not seen or read the political hand out or letter that the Chairman of the Simsbury Republican Party is speaking of which was paid for with tax dollars from the public election fund given to both men to run and use ethicly in their campaigns Not To attacks one another I I did not read or received this notice and if i had it would of gone right into the trash or better yet sent to the State Election Commission I must admit this year election from top to the very bottom low real low and those elected will be a our leaders and I have little time for the nepotism or ethics of others but so far to my count we now have Three Republican Senators in the employ Of Connecticut Light and power and ethics should be in the mind of the beholder not with a political commission the perception will always be there with the public the only thing a constituent can do is watch the way these State Senators vote on energy and technology and other power company issues


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