Food Drive at Canton Jump Zone

We NEED your help! For the month of December we will be putting together a meal basket for a local family in need thru the food pantry. For the Food Basket we need all items by December 19th.  When you come join us for Open Play at the Canton JumpZone! children can enjoy Jumping on Inflatables and playing arcade games. Bring in a food item and receive a discount! The discount goes as follows: Canned items are $2.00 off each jumper that has one and boxed items or more substantial items that will go to the food basket gets $4.00 off each Jump. Below is a list of items needed for the family basket.   NO LIMITS on how many children can come in with a food item and receive discount. We are also running a buy 6 jumps for just 36$. Come buy the pass, it makes a great gift. (The list below is just the basket if you think there is something missing just bring it in and we will add it, also we are supplying the Christmas Ham so that's why that is missing. All other donated food goes to the food pantry. Around the holiday time it is hard for them to keep the shelves full. :) Let's make it a Happy Holiday together.
Food Basket must be in by the 20th of December!
NON CANNED ITEMS: we do have a freezer and fridge on site if need be
Sweet Potatoes, Brown Russet Potatoes, Brown Sugar, Walnuts,Stuffing, Gravy Packages, Muffin Mixes, Gift Cards to grocery store (even 5$ adds up), Pie Crust, Bread Mix, Sparkling Cider, Cookie Mix (or refrigerated cookie dough like the rolls) refrigerated Cinnamon rolls, refrigerated canned rolls or similar (like the Pillsbury flaky biscuits) Ritz Crackers, Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Corn, Cranberry Sauce, Condensed milk, Canned Pumpkin Pie Mix, Peas, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Green Beans


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