FieldTurf Disputes Resident’s Claims about Artificial Playing Surfaces

By Darren Gill Vice President, Global Marketing for FieldTurf

I would like to address the issues raised in the recent letter titled "Reader Expresses Concern About Planned Turf Field."  Several claims were made by the author that are simply unfounded.Reports surrounding the environmental safety of artificial turf may, on the surface, be alarming. However, simply put, artificial turf is safe and the science is there to prove it. Volumes of research and testing from academics, federal and state governments like California, Massachusetts and Connecticut, and school systems have examined everything called into question about synthetic turf. Synthetic turf is, and has always been safe. 

The trend to move to artificial turf (specifically FieldTurf) has never been stronger in professional and collegiate sports. Almost all NFL teams either play or practice on artificial turf and over 100 NCAA 1-A football programs play their home games on FieldTurf. Just turn on your television and you’ll see teams like the New England Patriots, New York Giants and Jets, Ohio State University and University of Oregon all playing their home games on FieldTurf.

With respect to player injuries, a study from Dr. Michael C. Meyers of the Department of Health and Human Development at Montana State University has confirmed that, in many cases, FieldTurf is safer than natural grass sports surfaces. The research evaluated 786 college football games over a 5-year span for football injuries sustained while playing on FieldTurf or natural grass. The study was peer-reviewed and published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. 

We are happy to share any of the research and support all of the claims that we make. Feel free to reach out to me directly should you have any questions at dgill@fieldturf.com or 800-724-2969 x-140.

Andrew Ziemba January 03, 2013 at 01:10 PM
"Volumes of research and testing from academics, federal and state governments like California, Massachusetts and Connecticut, and school systems" hahaha well there you go! I oppose the field altogether, so I don't care what they make this junk out of or who they hire. I hear studies that say GMO food is good for you. They are usually from the government or another "reputable" source. Actually, there are studies that mercury in vaccines is good for you too. I like those studies about RBGH and how awesome it is. Actually, yeah, the "studies" all conclude that Monsanto is awesome! Bottom line - synthetic turf is cheaper and more convenient than grass. There's a reason pro tennis is played on primarily hard courts. It's NOT because they are the best. It's because they are the cheapest and they are extremely convenient. Only the most glorious tournaments are reserved for grass because it takes more time and money to maintain. Yeah they use bad stuff in synthetic fields... Anyone who says they don't is embarrassing themselves. It's like, yeah when you run a car, you shouldn't breath in the exhaust fumes. There's a lot of bad stuff in the exhaust fumes, but we use gasoline because it's a LOT cheaper and more feasible to use than Bio Diesel. The only difference here is, this track is not a choice. The tyrannical powers of democracy have foisted it upon us. So I can see why some people are pissed off.
Nancy January 03, 2013 at 01:59 PM
Please respond to the specifics. For example: Does this product contain recycled tire materials? What are the errors in the Hospital's study and Dr. Landrigan's study citing health concerns with the product? Isn't it true the all the new major league stadiums have used natural grass? The children's long term health is the issue here.


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