Additional Solarize Canton Workshops Scheduled

Dates include April 6 and April 27.

Submitted release 

The strong turnout for the first Solarize Canton Workshop held last week demonstrated to town leaders there was real enthusiasm for this program that lowers the cost of going solar through group buying discounts. As a result the Town is hosting a second Solarize Canton workshop on Saturday, April 6 at the Canton Community Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and another one on April 27.

The Town of Canton, along with Bridgeport, Mansfield and Windham, and Coventry has been selected through a competitive process to participate in Solarize Connecticut, a State-sponsored program through the Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority that combines town-sponsored education and outreach efforts with a tiered pricing offer from a pre-selected installer to significantly increase residential solar. The more residents participate in the program, the more the price drops, with all residents receiving the lowest possible price for their installation no matter when they sign up for the program.  However, residents must sign a contract by July 12, 2013 to qualify.

Ross Solar Group is the designated and competitively selected solar installer for the Town of Canton, chosen for their quality reputation, customer reviews and, most importantly, competitive tiered pricing.  Following the first Solarize Canton Workshop, Ross has been busy making site visits to Canton homeowners to determine whether their homes are right for solar and able to participate in the program.

In addition to learning about the Solarize Connecticut program, the kick-off solar workshops on April 6 and April 27 will walk homeowners through the basics of solar power, including everything from the technology itself to the various financing options available through Ross Solar Group and CEFIA.

For additional information about Solarize Canton, please contact Toni Bouchard at tbouchard@smartpower.org.  Those residents who are interested can contact Ross Solar Group directly by calling 203- 512-4500 or visit www.solarizect.com/Canton.



Annie Meyer April 03, 2013 at 02:59 PM
It is great to see so many people getting interested in solar! I work for EnergySage which is the new 'Expedia' for solar. Here, we encourage all consumers to get multiple quotes before proceeding with their project. Here's why: http://bit.ly/109RYD5


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