(Updated) Town Opens Skating Rink Thursday

Ice still rough, officials hope to work on surface again Friday.

(Updated 4 p.m. Thursday) 

The town has opened its temporary ice rink at Mills Pond. The ice is still very rough in many places. Parks and Recreation Director and Public Works crews said water was added to the surface Wednesday but heavy winds prevented it from smoothly freezing over. 

Wilson added that crews were unable to add water Thursday but will hopefully utilize a portable smoothing device Friday. 

Original story 

If all goes according to plan, the town will open its temporary skating rink at Mills Pond Thursday, Jan. 3, 2012.

"We're going to get it open as soon as possible," Parks and Recreation Director Brian Wilson said.

Wilson said the Parks Department employees planned to add a thin layer of water Wednesday afternoon so it would hopefully freeze overnight and smooth out the ice. They may also return and do a little more Thursday morning, he added.

"It's frozen," he said. "It's just rough."

This is the second time the approximate 60 by 80-foot rink has been built on a tennis court on Mills Pond but last winter's moderate temperatures foiled the plan.

Rules will be posted at the rink. For example, he said it will not be an adequate surface for hockey games but said players could possibly work on stick handling if they were alone or in small groups. 

Wilson said the town plans to light the rink through 8 p.m.

The town will also monitor Mills Pond for skating. Someone had cleared an area on the pond but as of early afternoon Wednesday it had not been safety tested by the town and Wilson urged people to stay off until that happens. A sign will be posted to let people know if skating is deemed safe, Wilson added.

JEFF DILL January 04, 2013 at 04:52 AM
Thanks for stories like this. Brought my kids down to the park this afternoon. They slide around in their sneakers for about 30 minutes. I love that our town has safe options like this for our kids.


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