Resident Starts Open Facebook Group to Facilitate Hydro Power Discussion

Page is not affiliated with the Town of Canton.

Local resident Ben Holden has facilitated an open facebook group for discussing the idea of bringing hydro power back to the upper and/or lower Collinsville dams.

“It’s about the exchange of ideas on a project we’re hoping comes to fruition at some point in the not too distant future,” said Holden, who set up the page with the help of friends.

The town is currently investigating the possibility of hydropower at the dams and has a grant-funded pre-feasibility study. The town is in the process of trying to obtain more permanent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licenses. Selectmen have applied for a state Small Town Economic Assistance Program grant to bolster the effort and has some hope of Congressional action.

Holden is a member of the Canton’s energy committee but has made it clear the page has no affiliation with the town.

And while he believes the town should bring back hydro power and feels it should be done within the next few years to take advantage of favorable renewable energy credits, Holden said he wants people of all opinions to feel free to provide input on the site. Holden said he only asks that conversations stay respectful.

“It’s open to anybody,” he said. "We just ask people to be nice.”

Find the group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/385056404906238/?ref=ts&fref=ts

See the pre-feasibility study prepared for the town here


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