Obama’s Counterpart Wins Popular Vote at Canton High School

Vote just part of simulation at Canton High School.

Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden, or at least the student playing those roles, won the popular vote at a Canton High School this week. 

The presidential vote was just one of many activities in a Election Simulation Game that included students playing the roles of presidential and vice presidential candidates for seven political parties. Other students played the parts of campaign management teams and the exercise included a debate, in-school mailings, "TV" time and more. Simulated money even changed hands to illustrate campaign contributions. 

Although she said it was not her original idea, the effort was coordinated by Nora M. Mocarski, Social Studies Department Chair for the Canton Middle/High School.

Patch is still awaiting the Electoral College confirmation from the school but out of 196 popular votes here are the results. (Student names are in parenthesis)

  • Justice Party — Ross “Rocky” Anderson & Luis Rodriquez (Caiden Permenter, Pearse Walsh) 37 votes / 19%
  • Constitution Party — Virgil Goode & Jim Clymer (Blake Bartkiewicz and Justin Mulcahy) 28 votes / 14%
  • Libertarian Party — Gary Johnson & James Gray (Annaliesa Chin and Christina Titarenko) 27 votes / 14%
  • Socialism & Liberty Party — Peta Lindsay & Yari Osorio (Emma Frawley and Griffin Willes) 4 votes / 2%
  • Democrat Party — Barack Obama & Joe Biden (Jake Tilton and Peyton Jackson) 55 votes / 28%
  • Republican Party — Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan (Emma Skinner and Nico Tuccillo) 35 votes / 18%
  • Green Party  — Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala  (Jon Smith and Cameron Daley) 10 votes / 5%




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