Got Stress? Karen Kramer Offers Free Creative Stress & Pain Relief at Epiphany

Sessions offered at Optimal Being.

Karen Kramer is determined to help people feel less pain; even those without the means or access to traditional medical or pharmaceutical options.

That’s why she created Epiphany; a monthly event open to anyone who cares to explore the many alternate options available for pain and stress relief — from Shiatsu to Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and more.

And, it’s free.

About Town sat down with Kramer, at her studio in Canton, to discuss how she came to her own epiphany about how to relieve pain, decrease stress and just relax.

AT: You’re a trained nurse. So, how did you find your way to healing methods with names like Quantum Touch and CranioSacral Therapy?

KK: Years ago I was like, ‘this is all bogus!’ And, it costs too much! I was the ultimate skeptic. But, I also had multiple traumas and chronic pain for years.

My doctor said there was nothing more he could do for my pain. ‘Learn to live with it,’ he said. My response? You are talking to the wrong person!  So, I started looking at all the different types of therapies out there, not just what was offered to me for options.

The medical therapies I practice are the types of things that worked for me. I had to find the right combination of therapies for me. That’s the kind of work that we do at Epiphany. 

AT: So, why do you offer these healing therapies for free?

KK: We feel that the benefits of integrative therapies should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford them.

AT: What can someone expect if they come to a free Epiphany session? 

KK: My goal is to educate the public. Yes, it’s about healing therapies. But more, it’s teaching people how they can find other avenues to heal.

Our therapists — we call them Epiphiates — are considered healing facilitators not healers and they are trained in various therapies.

AT: How many free sessions can someone participate in? 

KK: We invite anyone who walks through the door to partake in an Epiphany session. And, they can continue to come back each month if they want, for free. 

AT: Who are your typical guests?

KK: Our guests are anyone from babies to seniors, but on average, it’s 30 to 50 year old women. The people that I see are usually bottomed out in trying to stop their pain, like I was.

A lot of them have unresolved chronic pain and nothing else has worked to help their pain, or they can’t afford the treatments.

AT: How do you know what’s going to work and what’s not going to work?

KK: It’s very customized therapy. Just like traditional medicine, not everything will work for everyone.

That’s why the free sessions are so great. You can try it all and find what works for you from the wide variety of therapies available.

AT: How about a great success story?

KK: I had a guest who had suffered two strokes. She couldn’t speak and wasn’t able to understand when spoken to. She really couldn’t communicate at all. She had been this way for 14 years.

I’ve been working with her, for a couple of years, once a month. And now, she understands more; the pain in her right leg is gone; and she even has some feeling in her hand. She had originally come in for pain in her jaw. That’s much better too.

AT: The Epiphany sessions are only 20 minutes each month. What can you accomplish in just 20 minutes?

KK: We can accomplish quite a lot in 20 minutes.

AT: What would you say to someone who is as skeptical as you were about trying new ways to handle pain? 

KK: How can you say it’s bogus if you haven’t tried it yet?

Can’t hurt, might help. Why not try?

Here’s the Deal

Epiphany: Free Session, 1st Wednesday of every month at 225 Commerce Drive, Canton; 6 to 8:30 p.m. iahp.com/karen-r-kramer. (closed January & July) 

Optimal Being, 101 River Road, Canton; 860-693-8040. 


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