(Update) CL&P Estimate: 99 Percent Power by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Light at 44, Lovely Street activated, many priority sites have power.

Update 10 p.m. 

Police report that the lights at the intersection of Route 44, Lovely Street and Lawton Road are now fixed. The intersection was considered a public safety issue today as numerous motorists traveled Route 44 to go to restaurants, businesses and work. Fire police went down to the area earlier in the evening to assist.

In addition, First Selectman Richard Barlow said he was pleased with the day's progress of Connecticut Light and Power.

Many of the priority sites, such as the Police Department, Town Hall, Collinsville fire station and transfer station, have power. The Community Center and Cherry Brook Health Center weren't grid powered by 9 p.m. but said they remained a priority. 

The North Canton Fire Station may be a bit longer but is on generator power, he added. 

"I think we've had a good day," he said. 

Town officials do, however, know that many residents — about 65 percent or 3,216 customers at 10 p.m. — are still without power. 

The town's shelter at the community center continues to operate and the town is providing showers and water at Mills Pond Pool and free brush drop off at the transfer station this week and possibly next. Many of those services are detailed here

The library is also operating on extended hours and showing movies and scheduling Wii time for kids. 

Many businesses, especially on Route 44, are open as well. 

Original Story

Canton is estimated to have 99 percent of its power on by Sunday, Nov. 6 at 11:59 p.m., according to Connecticut Light and Power's Web site.  

“Our goal remains to restore the vast majority of customers by Sunday, Nov. 6,” said Jeff Butler, CL&P’s president and chief operating officer. “We continue to ask for and receive help from out-of-state crews and contractors as our crew counts grow daily. We understand how frustrating it is to be without power and are working as quickly and safely as possible.” 

To see estimates for other towns or to check for any changes log on to www.cl-p.com/stormcenter/estimates, or call 800-286-2000.

In Canton, much of the power has been restored to Route 44, which began Monday. In addition, senior housing facilities such as 21 Dowd, 121 Dowd and Boulder Ridge are now online, first selectman Richard Barlow said. 

Parts of Collinsville are also online. Crews and the Volunteer Fire and EMS Department were briefly busy with a live wire and small fire on Center Street but the problem is reportedly fixed. 

Barlow said other priorities today are the Police Station, Water Pollution Control Facility, fire stations, Community Center, the remaining portion of Route 44, Cherry Brook Nursing home and possibly portions of Route 179. 

CL&P said it will have seven line crews and two tree crews in town today, Barlow said. 

As they get main circuits up and running, crews can then fix secondary circuits he said. They then assess areas for wire damage and house connections. From there, they can go back and reset the circuit's breaker, Barlow said. 

Adam Libros, the town's fire marshal and emergency management director, reminds people to never touch a downed wire, especially with power coming back on. Always assume they are live, Libros said. 

As of 5:28 p.m., CL&P estimated that 68 percent, or 3,358 of its 4,930 customers in town were still without power. 

Do you have power on your street? Feel free to tell us in the comments below. 

A.L. November 03, 2011 at 11:17 AM
Tanglewood Dr has power.
Theresa Sullivan Barger November 04, 2011 at 04:36 PM
Kudos to town officials and employees, including the entire library staff, parks & rec and those responsible for opening the Community Center immediately and providing showers and water at Mills Pond. The town has sent email updates and called people so that those without power know what services are available. I'm not happy with CL&P but feel our town staff has anticipated our needs and addressed them. Thanks to all the wonderful Canton residents helping each other out.
Bick Darlow November 06, 2011 at 04:09 AM
I haven't seen any CL&P crews working in Canton over the weekend. Have they all gone over to Farmington and Avon? Big trees are still dangling from wires on 179. Seems like we got off to a good start, then work in Canton just stopped. CL&P estimates for Canton residents without power increased from less than 50% Friday, to 59% by the end of day Saturday. It will be a miracle if CL&P meets its stated goal of 99% recovery by Sunday Midnight, especially with all the damage in Canton that hasn't been touched yet. (And I hope next summer is a wet one, because there's so much deadwood now that fires could become a concern in the future.)


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