Canton Youth Services Bureau Invites Public to Add to Newtown Donation

Funds to help Newtown Youth and Family Services

In the wake of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Canton Youth Services Bureau has voted to donate $500 to Newtown Youth and Family Services, specifically to help it provide counseling services.

The board invites businesses, individuals, or community organizations to join in our effort and to send their check, made out to Newtown Youth and Family Services, to CYSB, Post Office Box 366, Collinsville, CT 06022 by Jan. 15, 2013.

"By combining our donations we hope to send a larger amount showing solidarity from our town," youth services member Laura Meheran said. "It is our intention that funds collected by CYSB be used specifically for counseling services, or as the Newtown Youth and Family Services sees fit."

The board said it also sends a thank you to local business owner Carol Ackerman for bringing this organization to its attention. 


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