Collinsville Resident Showcases Love of Woodworking

Patrick Hunt starts new business, musical collaboration.

Patrick Hunt with his Martin guitar. Some of his handiwork can be seen in the background.
Patrick Hunt with his Martin guitar. Some of his handiwork can be seen in the background.

Whether it’s restoring a weathered bureau, building a cozy nook or running his fingers up and down a guitar "fretboard," Collinsville resident Patrick Hunt loves to work with wood.

And these days Hunt is doing just that and getting back to running his own business, playing music and spending more time with his wife Wendy and their two children.

Hunt spent countless hours during the last 10 years on the road as salesman and fence designer for Walpole Woodworkers.

“I don’t regret the sales job,” he said. “You learn a lot about people. I just wanted to stop and stay home.”

He’s taking a multi-pronged approach to make it work.

Recently he started Collinsville Restoration, a business specializing in furniture restoration, appraisals, light carpentry, interior painting and finishing and more. 

He especially loves to work with old furniture.

“The goal is to bring life back to something,” he said.

Hunt has quite a bit of experience in the area.

Originally from the Pittsburg area, Hunt came to Litchfield in 1988 to work for Barry Strom Antique Restoration. There he worked on the 1753 Oliver Wolcott House and restored countless pieces of furniture under Strom’s tutelage.

He’s also previously run his own business and worked on many old homes throughout his life, including his own 1914 Four-Square house in Collinsville, where he has spent hours stripping and restoring its natural interior wood, building an upstairs nook and finding plenty of old furniture with a world of potential.

An accomplished guitarist he’s been working on a project with local songwriter, musician and teacher Michelle Begley.

Hunt also has a bachelor’s in jazz studies from Duquesne University.

Hunt said he has an "an affection for the way musical sound or even sound in general can influence someone's perspective." 

While musical tastes, including his own, can vary a bit with time, Hunt said he never tires of playing guitar. 

"As for the guitar it just refuses to get old," he said. "I love it every time I pick it up." 

To help bolster his other pursuits, Hunt is also going to take on a part-time job in the area.

It all ties together in an effort to pursue some interests, while staying home. 

“I wanted to be around more for the family,” he added. “So far it’s working.”

Collinsville Restoration

Patrick Hunt, owner

18 Thayer Ave., Collinsville


(860) 508-7622





kim hathaway December 11, 2013 at 04:14 PM
Pat has done wonderful for for me and my husband, furniture refinishing for our home and for The Junk Shop and The Blue House. We can tell a "Pat Hunt Piece" anywhere, they are gorgeous!


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