Visions For Vacancies: What Do You Want To See In This Empty Granby Building?

In this feature, The Granbys Patch asks readers to propose ideas for empty storefronts and buildings in Granby and East Granby. What business have you always wanted to see in your hometown?

The Granbys Patch has our Visions For Vacancies column up and running.

In this feature, we show Patch users empty buildings and storefronts in Granby and East Granby and ask what you want to see fill those spaces.

Do you want a specialty shop catering to your favorite hobby in your hometown? Do you think there’s a type of business Granby or East Granby needs to have inside its borders?

This is your chance to share your ideas and have them seen by public officials, local entrepreneurs and other community members who read The Granbys Patch. Your idea may be the inspiration for a prospective local business owner — maybe you’ll even see the perfect location for the small business you’ve always wanted to open!

The former restaurant on Mill Pond Road, next to Dunkin Donuts and near Stop and Shop, is shuttered and could be a great location for a local business. The rest of the plaza where the space is located has thriving businesses and surrounding storefronts are all full as well.

What type of business would you like to see move into that space? Tell us in the comments and bounce your ideas off of each other!

Is there a specific empty spot you’d like to see highlighted in Visions for Vacancies in the coming weeks? Send a message to Perry Robbin, local editor of The Granbys Patch, at perry.robbin@patch.com.

Lisa Fleisher October 18, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Unfortunately Adi's is the second restaurant to close at that location. I loved the Copper Mill Bistro which was there for a few years but couldn't make it economically. So even though I would love to see a decent upscale restaurant in Granby, we can't seem to sustain one. But it would be nice for Granby to have a gathering place where you could get good food and have a nice place to sit and chat for a while. The model I am thinking of is LaSalle's Market in Collinsville--that place has great food, local character and is a wonderful gathering place. It's a destination that brings people to the town. Granby could use a good hang out place like that.
Michele October 18, 2012 at 04:51 PM
Actually, 3 restaurants have closed at this location. The first one was a pizza place, sorry can't rememeber the name, the 2nd was Copper Mill Bistro, and now Adi's. I worked at the Copper Mill Bistro, it was an amazing restaurant with mouth-watering food, great staff and an unbelievable chef/owner. Unfortunately, the economy was a big factor. I say no more restaurants in that spot, needs to be some sort of retail space.
Happy Percy October 18, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Why is the Town giving Cheapp rent for the new bakery just South of the YMCA when other business's in Town would love to get help, too? I for one wil never enter the doors of that Bakery due to taxpayers not having a say on this situation. Is there possible collusion here?
teresa hoff October 18, 2012 at 11:52 PM
people cant open a business here, it is too expensive with granby taxes and Ct taxes and regulations. As people continue to leave the town and state it will get worse. thank you governor Malloy and Granby town leaders
Paul Bahre October 19, 2012 at 01:29 AM
The first mass migration away from CT was after the Civil War. Guys comming home from the war learned they could farm out west and never see another rock again hit their plow. Then after the Brass mills all closed up. Then in the 90's after the Cold war lots of people left the Military industrial jobs and Banking and Insurance jobs. What is left is a fraction of what CT used to be. No company wants to be in CT at all. It's a crazy taxaholic socialistic state. The Southern States are kicking our backsides in luring workers, jobs and large businesses. Yet as more and more people work for the State of CT, as it is the largest employer in the state, and more and more people are on the dole in CT the Democrats have a Super Majority in the Legislative Branch of government here in CT. Now we have a Dem Governor, the Retarded Mr. Maloy, who can't read his way out of a paper bag. I hear they take him to work every day on the short bus. This state has sunk so low that anyone who has two brain cells and can get their synapses to fire in unison should just leave this tax hell hole and find greener pastures further south.


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