Raynet Technologies Now Located in Canton Green Plaza

Business looks to increase its local presence.

Raynet Technologies may not rely on foot traffic for its business, but recently the tech company became more visible in the community.

Just weeks ago, President Raymond McKay moved his business operations, which had been based at his Canton home since 2003, to a suite at 166 Albany Turnpike, the plaza know as Canton Green.

It’s a homecoming of sorts, since in the 1990s he worked in the plaza as an IT Manager for Funny Bone Interactive, which developed children’s software. The plaza’s fiber optics and technology infrastructure, which make adaptation and expansion a breeze, were key reasons he chose the location.

“Specifically I wanted to be in this plaza,” he said.

At the same time, he’s kept that cozy, home atmosphere, with a big comfy couch, a large screen for video conferencing and even a few children’s toys. It’s a laid-back atmosphere for clients, whether they be in the room or halfway across the world.

“I never liked the sitting-in-a-board-room mentality,” McKay said.

But don’t let the comfort fool you. This company is serious when it comes to tech solutions such as Internet Technology Networks, telecommunications services and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

In fact, the company has done quite well with the latter, which simply involves building phone systems with computers.

Several years ago McKay was intrigued by the free asterisk software, which he said could take any “intel-based PC and turn it into a phone system.

“I just started playing with it,” he said.

Initially he felt the technology wasn’t quite ready, but come 2008, 2009, he was more hopeful.

“We started realizing, it’s ready,” McKay said. “The response we got from people was amazing.” 

And these days, the company has had great success building systems for local clients like and  and international businesses in places like Geneva, Switzerland and San Jose, Costa Rica. Some have been rather large jobs, such as a system for Penn State University. Here the company's abilities were put to the test when a high-profile news case caused in queue callers to go from a handful to roughly 100 at times. 

McKay said he feels the company has done well with the technology since it charges a one-time fee and small yearly support contract and skips the licensing fees the major companies charge. It does, however, retain the rights to its work.

“It’s a great deal for us,” McKay said.

Raynet has a very small staff but McKay uses the work of about 100 contractors, some in the state but others spread far and wide.

It allows him to have a pool of experts — people who are excellent at specific tasks. Depending on the job and its location, he calls who he needs.

“We have the people we can call in immediately,” he said.

Despite its wide reach, McKay is glad to have more of a presence. Like all his business, much of the local clients come through word of mouth.

“Our local business has been picking up like crazy,” said McKay, who is a member of the Avon-Canton Rotary Club

And a public office makes it easier to put faces behind the business.

“People want to meet us,” he said.


Raynet Technologies
166 Albany Turnpike, Canton, CT 06019
(860) 693-2226

Betty Fiora May 14, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Great to see another new business come to Canton especially in a familiar location.


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