POLL: Which Business Do You Need in Avon?

Avon Patch has reviewed the top requests for types of businesses residents want in town. Now vote on which one you want the most and tell us about other ideas in the comments!

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Future development for a new Avon Village Center is always a controversial topic of conversation.

Some see it as a good thing to bring more pedestrian traffic to Avon in the spirit of a traditional New England town center and draw people to the existing businesses along Route 44 and Route 10. Others are fond of the old and present Avon center and believe that the town should fill its current vacant storefronts before building another commercial development.

Whereever your opinion lies, what if you can fuse both schools of though and talk about what in general could bring more businesses to Avon and fill both the vacant storefront and the future village center?

If you could have any new business you wanted in Avon what would it be?

So, Avon Patch has had a look at your business wish list in the comments of past post and turned it in to the poll to see what businesses readers want to move to Avon the most.

Top Commented Visions for Vacancies Articles:


Of course, there are probably so many ideas that haven't even been mentioned, so take advantage of the "other" answer option and then tell us your new idea in the comments. We'd also love to hear old ideas reinforced and your ideas about where certain businesses might work in vacant buildings.

Let's keep the conversation going from week to week! Have you seen a vacant storefront or building in town that you have an idea for what could go there? Tell us in the comments or send me an email at Jessie.Sawyer@patch.com.

Adam July 15, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Any store that will broaden the tax base so Avon residents don't have to pay Simsbury's property taxes.
Betty November 09, 2012 at 09:02 PM


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