Boiling Water Meets its Match in Canton

Mark Jurras
Mark Jurras
As I post this it's a balmy 7 degrees in Canton but during a recent cold snap, Mark Jurras and his son Mark decided to test the Mpemba Effect, a theory that hot water often freezes more quickly than colder water. 

Throw a cup of cold water in the air at this temperature and you essentially get what you would any other time of year, or if it's cold enough, perhaps ice pellets. But a cup of boiling water at -8? Check out this video.

A special thank you to Mr. Jurras, who offered to share this video after Patch Community Editor Jaimie Cura posted a similar experiment on our facebook page. 

Please note that Canton Patch makes no scientific claims or assertions by posting this video. It's just for fun and please remember hot water can be dangerous. 

For those who are interested in the subject, there are several online discussions and pages, including this one


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